My work is about the deep psychological and physical responses people have to motion. I create images that tap into the rich vein that lies between our dreams of flying and our nightmares of falling out of control.

My paintings hover somewhere along the invisible line of tension between awkwardness and grace. I strive to capture the frozen moment in which balance is either lost or regained. I tend to avoid faces because they give too much away. I want to leave more for the viewer to interpret. Is a figure filled with the elation of soaring? Or is there a violence bubbling just beneath the veneer of beauty? What are those secrets behind the beauty? It all depends on what we bring of ourselves to the viewing.

I often break my figures up into multi-canvas construction of varying depths in an attempt to contain aspects of the image- much in the same way that each of us tries to impose some kind of structure on the chaos of our lives. But that structure, as hard-edged as we try to make it, is an illusion. It distorts the picture we present of ourselves in ways that can be both flattering and grotesque.

But the truth is that, like the figures I paint, we are all bodies in motion, flowing around and over the rigid boundaries we try to erect. Life is not so easily contained. This is not such a bad thing.


Lois Lambert Gallery, “Soaring, Stumbling and Surrendering” Bergamot Station, Santa Monica, Ca, November 2018

Bg Gallery/Glass Garage, “Spectrum Gestalt 2”,Bergamot Station, Santa Monica, Ca August 2015

Glass Garage Gallery, “ Grayscale Wonderland” Bergamot Station, Santa Monica, Ca, February 2015

JEFF, Anniversary Show, San Francisco, Ca, June 2015

NTropic, San Francisco, CA, July 2014 

Triton Museum, California Painter competition. Honorable mention, 2014

ARC Gallery, "Choice" curator Catherine Clark, San Francisco, Ca, 2013-2014

Art Attack, Group show, San Francisco, Ca 2013

Northern Exposure, 425 Market Street, San Francisco, Ca, 2013

United Care Show, Curated Chris Hambrick, Los Angeles, Ca 2012

Sylvia White Gallery, Collectors Choice, Ventura, Ca 2011

JK Gallery, Solo Show,  Culver City, California, 2008

Palos Verdes Arts Center, Three Person Show, Rancho Palos Verdes, Ca., 2008

Long Beach Arts, “The Human Figure” Long Beach, Ca Juror: Bob Alderette, 2007

La Artcore Brewery Annex, “ Courage”, Los Angeles, California, 2006

Arena One Gallery, “A Women’s Place is…”  Santa Monica, California, 2006

Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Sales Gallery, Los Angeles, Ca., 2005

Mar Vista Arts Guild,  “Beginnings”, Los Angeles, California, 2005

Richard Kraft Gallery,  “Caught”, Los Angeles, California, 2005

Los Angeles Municipal Gallery,  “Open Call”, Los Angeles, California, 2004

Pacific Palisades Art Guild,  “Garden Party”,  Pacific Palisades, California, 2004

Don O’Melveny Gallery,  “Abstract Elegante’ “, West Hollywood, California, 2004

Richard Kraft Gallery,  “Eclectic”, Los Angeles, California, 2003

Don O’Melveny Gallery,  “Small Wonders”, West Hollywood, California, 2003


Publications and Press

 Eye on LA, ABC TV, April 2006

Sow’s Ear Poetry Review, March 2006

California Home and Design, July 2005

Abstract Elegante’, September 2004


Corporate and Private Collections 

Arnold Worldwide, Santa Monica, California

Levine, Neal, Bender, Brill and Rankin, Century City, California

Mr. And Mrs. Les Traub, Beverly Hills, California

Mr. And Mrs. Irwin Yablans, West Hollywood, CA

Dr. Peter Lu, Beverly Hills, California

Audrey Wu, Los Angeles, California

Body Reform, Beverly Hills California



Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising - AA degree

Major: Fashion Design



Married with two of the cutest adopted boys you have ever seen.