My work is about the deep psychological and physical responses people have to motion. I create images that tap into the rich vein that lies between our dreams of flying and our nightmares of falling out of control.

My paintings hover somewhere along the invisible line of tension between awkwardness and grace. I strive to capture the frozen moment in which balance is either lost or regained. I tend to avoid faces because they give too much away. I want to leave more for the viewer to interpret. Is a figure filled with the elation of soaring? Or is there a violence bubbling just beneath the veneer of beauty? What are those secrets behind the beauty? It all depends on what we bring of ourselves to the viewing.

I often break my figures up into multi-canvas construction of varying depths in an attempt to contain aspects of the image- much in the same way that each of us tries to impose some kind of structure on the chaos of our lives. But that structure, as hard-edged as we try to make it, is an illusion. It distorts the picture we present of ourselves in ways that can be both flattering and grotesque.

But the truth is that, like the figures I paint, we are all bodies in motion, flowing around and over the rigid boundaries we try to erect. Life is not so easily contained. This is not such a bad thing.