Soaring, Stumbling, Surrendering at Lois Lambert Gallery in September

If your in LA...Lois Lambert Gallery will be having an opening reception on Saturday, September 8, 2018, from 4pm to 8pm, for Yvette M. Brown in “Soaring, Stumbling, Surrendering”. I will be there drinking in the sunshine and sharing in the festivities. The show will run from September 8th- November 3rd. Hope you can come by and say hello!  There will two other artists in the gallery Arminée Chahbazian in “Displacement” and Alejandro Gómez Cangas, Darwin Estacio Martinez, Luis Rodriguez NOA in “New Work" in The Project Room. 


mass production and two African American boys

A lawyer called me and stated he was starting to deal art. He raved about my paintings. He enthusiastically waxed on about how his high-end clients would love them and he required a minimum of 10 paintings a month. I listened intently and was flattered. I then explained that my paintings take months to make. There are layers of colors that require hours of drying between each layer. I usually work on several paintings at time but these are long term, very individual, non-mass produced pieces of art. I also mentioned that I have a family that fulfills the balance of my life.


On the other side of the phone line hung a long silence.  Abruptly he announced “Well how nice that you have a life but we can not work together”.  I internally chuckled and said if he has an opportunity for my work give me a call.  I never heard back and I am fine with it. My work is like slow food. I relish the paint. The way it magically glows thru layers of rich translucent color. My relationships with galleries and clients appreciate its value.


I also relish my life. My life of two adopted African American vivacious boys and my husband, who one day announced he was leaving his creative directors job to become a meditation teacher. I love the whirling changes and constant opportunities to bend, crash, flow, burst and land, not always gracefully but I seem to survive with no broken bones.  My art is a reflection of my life. I would be a hollow mass if I didn’t “have a life”?  Ha Ha- my five year old just rushed up to me jumped on my lap and bear hugged me. 


Going forward I will be adding a new series that is a more nuanced reflection of my life. My husband and I are white parents that have two African American sons. Complicated? Yes. It has sparked a passion within me to compassionately bridge the worlds of white and color. The new series will be a conversation in paint about messaging, reality or sur-reality of the relationship between what we say, believe, think and do.


Curious? Keep watching. It may take awhile for the paint to dry but when it’s done let’s talk.


Happy Summer



The other F-word

Falling - moving downward, rapidly and freely without control.


Fall is my favorite season, but I have to say falling is not always my favorite “F” word. I paint people Flying, Falling and Floating thru space. Falling is the most visceral of the three “F”.  For some people their hearts palpate or their breath quickens when they think of falling or see a painting or photo of someone falling.

  I have fallen by choice, free-falling from an airplane. I have fallen by accident, when my 130-lb dog decided to chase after a horse while I was holding his leash, sending me falling face first into a muddy pond. And of course there are the times I have found myself falling out of control emotionally, those times when life has shoved me over some cliff.

 For me these out-of-control experiences have been more profound than the physical falls. The heart-sinking anguish that is felt when I knew I caused pain in others.  Or those kick-me-in-the knees, falling-on-your-face wakeup calls that force me to face my demons. Then there are the times when I have just flat-out failed, followed by looking in the mirror and taking out the magnifying glass to examine and hopefully correct my fall from grace.

 Falling and failing are part of life and probably happen more than we wish to admit. You fall. Then you pick your ass up and try it again maybe, with out  falling so hard the next time. Falling is life. Picking yourself up is living.  Or shall we say it is just being human. Try until you fall. Then pick yourself up again. Repeat.


Here are some Falls and results of falling.

 Frida Khalo was in a car accident that caused her to have 30 operations and left her unable to bear children. She did portraits of herself while she laid in bed recovering from her accident.


Nick Woodman started an online gaming service called Funbug. Only to go belly up costing investors $3.9 million. Now that is one big fall. He decided to drop out and go on a surfodyssey and ended up changing the way we view the world with the GoPro.


Walt Disney was told he lacked creativity. His company Laugh-O-Gram failed. Well you know the rest of the story.


 Falling gives us the opportunity to grow from the bottom up.


Welcome Love

Love as a word has been overused to the point of loosing it's meaning. But has the meaning of love been lost to words? I have been intrigued by the sound bites of the media and political idea that Marriage has to be between a man and woman. Hmmm…Does “love” have to be between a man and a woman? Do you need to be “in Love” to be married? I will let you answer that yourself.

I have seen love in many different forms. They are all pure. I can’t tell anyone who they are allowed to love or that their love is invalid if it doesn’t fit into someone’s box.

 So I did this painting with three boxes and two figures. The figures are faceless. They may be someone you know or want to know. They are in a moment of love. And they could be both male or female. 

 So cheers to you who have the courage to live and love outside the box.

 Happy Valentines Day!

Grayscale Wonderland

a group exhibit of artists that have the ability to spark our imagination and create spectacular worlds without the use of overt color.

Two in Space

Two in Space

Glass Garage Gallery is featuring some of it's artists along with bG Gallery in the Grayscale Wonderland show at bG Gallery in Bergamot Station.  I am proud (woo-hoo!!!) to be a participant in this not so gray show. In sunny Santa Monica on February 7th. Be there!

Exhibition: "Grayscale Wonderland"
Artists: Kate Samworth, Yvette Brown, Nick Veasey, Charles Malinsky, Ted Gall, among others
Opening Exhibition Date: Saturday, February 7, 2015
Opening Exhibition Time: 5:30 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. 
Location: bG Gallery, Bergamot Station Arts Center
Address: 2525 Michigan Ave., ‪#‎G8A‬, Santa Monica, CA 90404
RSVP: Requested, email
Hours: Gallery open Tuesday - Saturday 11:30 a.m. - 6 p.m., or at other dates/times by appointment



Sell your Dreams

I was speaking with Steven from Steven Wolfe in San Francisco.  Steven calls his art gallery Paranoid Art. The gallery’s show was a huge piece that says “SELL YOUR DREAMS”. He asked me what I thought of the piece.

When I first saw the painting “SELL YOUR DREAMS” I had a visceral reaction as if I was asked to sell my soul. After my blood returned to my brain I realized that this is worth pondering and questioning.

Hmmm… Painting and making art is my soul driven dream.  Would I be selling my soul if I sold my dreams?  If my paintings or art are a “dream come true” why would I want to sell them?

I don’t feel I would be selling my soul if I sold my paintings.  In fact, I am thrilled someone wants to have one of my paintings in their life. I love to paint and my paintings express my passion and souls voice. When I paint I don’t wonder if my paintings will sell. That isn’t the drive. The drive/love of painting is bigger than me.

This big love should be shared and not cloistered away. All art is in this world to share.

Yes, I want to share my art but can I honestly lay “claim” to these flying, falling, floating figures? I regularly ask myself  “how the hell did I learn to paint and where the hell did the idea of painting people flying and falling come from?”  I was literally driving down the street when the idea came to me. I feel the idea of floating figures was just passing thru the air and I happened to collide with it. Its not as if I was in the car racking my head thinking what do I paint now???

When I think of how random this idea came to me, I feel like I am some kind of “conduit of cosmic creativity”.  I happened to be in the line of fire and available for this idea.  Some other lucky Joe could’ve been driving by and the idea could’ve manifested thru him.  Seems farfetched? Not really when you think of the endless flow of creativity, energy and connection out in the world. I am constantly amazed at some of the ideas people come up with. Or should I say collide with.

You don’t need to be a genius to create some dreams and sell them. What crazy cosmic creativity are you open to today? Are you willing to sell?



Creative Balance

Helloooo Northbeach!


Jeff Gard and Jeff Oakes at the store JEFF have welcomed me to show at their store.  JEFF is one of those beloved stores that defines the Northbeach area of San Francisco.  What I love about JEFF is the way they think outside the “same old retail box”. Mixing architectural furniture, luxurious exotic fabrics and art in one venue.  JEFF is the coming together of the many facets of creation and the balance of beauty.


The show, "Creative Balance" is a show inspired by the ongoing process of starting from nothing to material existence. That process, like life, is a journey of ups, downs, inertia, uncertainty and flow. My paintings are a reflection of these momentary experiences. Personally, my daily life is punctuated by finding balance. From finding the most harmonious balance of flavors in a meal (truly a challenge to me!) to balancing our inner selves with the outer world. As an artist I strive to find a creative balance of beauty and the emotions that are provoked by flying, floating and falling figures.


Thanks Jeff and Jeff for welcoming me into the Northbeach community.



1317 Grant Avenue

San Francisco, California 94133



What would you do?

What would you do if someone asked, "So, what do you want to do with your life now"?  That someone was my husband. We were newly married and eager to start a family, which meant saying goodbye to my career as a wardrobe stylist and fashion designer in the film industry…16 hour days on location not being very compatible with raising a family.

So I said, “I’ve always wanted to paint.” He said, “I didn’t know you painted.”

I didn’t. But I thought I could. So I took a couple classes on how to mix oil paints. And started painting, in our house. It was fun and messy. Then a friend called about an opening at an art studio complex. But I wasn’t an artist, really. But oil paints are messy. So I took it.

I felt like an imposter. There were some really professional artists in the building. Thank God because I would need all the help I could get. I struggled with some nudes with fabric draped over their bodies but it was a bit boring yet I discovered I loved painting the fabric. It was inanimate yet it seemed alive when it moved. I stepped back from the painting I was working on. I felt, for the first time, like an artist.

Welcome to the voice behind my paintings. I am excited to start this blog and new level of sharing.  With all the life changes I have undertaken in the last 10 years, (did I mention my hubby and I adopted two boys at birth, now they are 7 and 2 ½ ?) starting a blog should be a minor event. But the truth is I feel again like I’m an imposter. A painter? Sure. A writer? Hmmm…

Whatever comes of this I’m excited to explore this new medium through which to express my ideas about art and life.

(ps: My husband, who is a writer, helped me with this first post.)