Welcome Love

Love as a word has been overused to the point of loosing it's meaning. But has the meaning of love been lost to words? I have been intrigued by the sound bites of the media and political idea that Marriage has to be between a man and woman. Hmmm…Does “love” have to be between a man and a woman? Do you need to be “in Love” to be married? I will let you answer that yourself.

I have seen love in many different forms. They are all pure. I can’t tell anyone who they are allowed to love or that their love is invalid if it doesn’t fit into someone’s box.

 So I did this painting with three boxes and two figures. The figures are faceless. They may be someone you know or want to know. They are in a moment of love. And they could be both male or female. 

 So cheers to you who have the courage to live and love outside the box.

 Happy Valentines Day!