mass production and two African American boys

A lawyer called me and stated he was starting to deal art. He raved about my paintings. He enthusiastically waxed on about how his high-end clients would love them and he required a minimum of 10 paintings a month. I listened intently and was flattered. I then explained that my paintings take months to make. There are layers of colors that require hours of drying between each layer. I usually work on several paintings at time but these are long term, very individual, non-mass produced pieces of art. I also mentioned that I have a family that fulfills the balance of my life.


On the other side of the phone line hung a long silence.  Abruptly he announced “Well how nice that you have a life but we can not work together”.  I internally chuckled and said if he has an opportunity for my work give me a call.  I never heard back and I am fine with it. My work is like slow food. I relish the paint. The way it magically glows thru layers of rich translucent color. My relationships with galleries and clients appreciate its value.


I also relish my life. My life of two adopted African American vivacious boys and my husband, who one day announced he was leaving his creative directors job to become a meditation teacher. I love the whirling changes and constant opportunities to bend, crash, flow, burst and land, not always gracefully but I seem to survive with no broken bones.  My art is a reflection of my life. I would be a hollow mass if I didn’t “have a life”?  Ha Ha- my five year old just rushed up to me jumped on my lap and bear hugged me. 


Going forward I will be adding a new series that is a more nuanced reflection of my life. My husband and I are white parents that have two African American sons. Complicated? Yes. It has sparked a passion within me to compassionately bridge the worlds of white and color. The new series will be a conversation in paint about messaging, reality or sur-reality of the relationship between what we say, believe, think and do.


Curious? Keep watching. It may take awhile for the paint to dry but when it’s done let’s talk.


Happy Summer