Creative Balance

Helloooo Northbeach!


Jeff Gard and Jeff Oakes at the store JEFF have welcomed me to show at their store.  JEFF is one of those beloved stores that defines the Northbeach area of San Francisco.  What I love about JEFF is the way they think outside the “same old retail box”. Mixing architectural furniture, luxurious exotic fabrics and art in one venue.  JEFF is the coming together of the many facets of creation and the balance of beauty.


The show, "Creative Balance" is a show inspired by the ongoing process of starting from nothing to material existence. That process, like life, is a journey of ups, downs, inertia, uncertainty and flow. My paintings are a reflection of these momentary experiences. Personally, my daily life is punctuated by finding balance. From finding the most harmonious balance of flavors in a meal (truly a challenge to me!) to balancing our inner selves with the outer world. As an artist I strive to find a creative balance of beauty and the emotions that are provoked by flying, floating and falling figures.


Thanks Jeff and Jeff for welcoming me into the Northbeach community.



1317 Grant Avenue

San Francisco, California 94133