Sell your Dreams

I was speaking with Steven from Steven Wolfe in San Francisco.  Steven calls his art gallery Paranoid Art. The gallery’s show was a huge piece that says “SELL YOUR DREAMS”. He asked me what I thought of the piece.

When I first saw the painting “SELL YOUR DREAMS” I had a visceral reaction as if I was asked to sell my soul. After my blood returned to my brain I realized that this is worth pondering and questioning.

Hmmm… Painting and making art is my soul driven dream.  Would I be selling my soul if I sold my dreams?  If my paintings or art are a “dream come true” why would I want to sell them?

I don’t feel I would be selling my soul if I sold my paintings.  In fact, I am thrilled someone wants to have one of my paintings in their life. I love to paint and my paintings express my passion and souls voice. When I paint I don’t wonder if my paintings will sell. That isn’t the drive. The drive/love of painting is bigger than me.

This big love should be shared and not cloistered away. All art is in this world to share.

Yes, I want to share my art but can I honestly lay “claim” to these flying, falling, floating figures? I regularly ask myself  “how the hell did I learn to paint and where the hell did the idea of painting people flying and falling come from?”  I was literally driving down the street when the idea came to me. I feel the idea of floating figures was just passing thru the air and I happened to collide with it. Its not as if I was in the car racking my head thinking what do I paint now???

When I think of how random this idea came to me, I feel like I am some kind of “conduit of cosmic creativity”.  I happened to be in the line of fire and available for this idea.  Some other lucky Joe could’ve been driving by and the idea could’ve manifested thru him.  Seems farfetched? Not really when you think of the endless flow of creativity, energy and connection out in the world. I am constantly amazed at some of the ideas people come up with. Or should I say collide with.

You don’t need to be a genius to create some dreams and sell them. What crazy cosmic creativity are you open to today? Are you willing to sell?